• Club Privacy Policy

    DCC takes the privacy of our members seriously and our club data protection policy ensures that DCC is complaint with the law and high data protection standards. The full policy is laid out below. Additionally, to view the full policy and provide Opt-In consent to club mailings please click here.

    1. Purposes

    As a membership organisation the Club processes, retains and shares the personal data of members for the purposes set out in the Data Protection Notice. The Club shall not collect or store personal data of members for any other purposes.

    2. Data Protection Officer 

    The Club Secretary will act as the Data Owner/Protection Officer who will oversee compliance with data protection law and will act as a point of contact for members and the Information Commissioner’s Office (the “ICO”).

     The Data Protection Officer for this Organisation is the Secretary for the time being, currently:








    3. Members’ Data Rights 

    A member may request that the Data Protection Officer:

    • Provides a copy of all Personal Data that the Club holds about them. The Data Protection Officer shall promptly provide a copy of all information required to be disclosed by law.

    • Rectifies any incorrect Personal Data held by the Club about them. The Data Protection Officer shall promptly consider such a request and respond to it in accordance with the law.

    `• Their data be removed from the Club’s records.

    4 Deletion of Personal Data

     A member may resign from the Club at any time. Personal data will then be archived for historical reference purposes and their name will be removed from distribution lists.

    5. Sharing Data with Third Parties

    As a membership organisation the Club will share Personal Data with its members It will not share data with any other third party except when required to do so by law. Personal Data will NOT be sold to third parties.

    No personal details that are not in the public domain will be shared outside the Club without the consent of the member.

    6. Data Protection Policy

    The Policy and Data Protection Notice will be reviewed annually at the Club Annual General Meeting held in May each year.

    7. Registration with ICO

    The Club as a non-profit organisation is exempt from registration with the ICO.

    8. Reporting Breaches to the Data Protection Officer

    Actual or potential breaches of this policy, or of data protection law shall be reported immediately to the Data Protection Officer. Breaches shall be reported if required by the Data Protection Officer to the ICO or to the member(s) whose data is affected.

    9. Categories of Personal Data Held

    The information the Club holds should be accurate and up-to-date. The personal information which the Club holds will be held securely in accordance with the data protection policy.

    The type or categories of personal data we will collect about members includes: 

    • Name

    • Postal address

    • Personal Email address

    • Mobile number

    • Landline number

    • Attendance at Club Meetings and apologies given

    In addition, the Treasurer will hold details of payments for CCA Club Subscriptions.

    The Club will never collect sensitive personal data about members without explicit consent and a clear explanation why it is required.

    The Club does not employ any automated decision-making or conduct profiling of People. 

    10. Use of Personal Data Held

     Your Personal Data will be processed by the Secretary of the Club. Personal Data will be used in the administration of the Club activities including:

    • Distribution of agendas & minutes

    • Dissemination of news, views and information

    • Requests for payments of subscriptions

    11. Security of Data

     Data will be held in a mixture of hard and electronic formats.

    Data will be held on a number of devices including the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s PCs, phones and cloud storage as well as individual member’s devices. Normal physical security should be in place to protect these devices and access to the device protected by at least one password.

    The Club shall periodically review the security of its records and processing activities and shall take appropriate steps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Personal Data that it holds.

     12. Risk

    The risk of a data breach is considered very low as no sensitive personal information is held about members and most is available in the public domain.