• Membership Terms


    Having appropriate insurance cover is important in cycling as well as other walks of life, we believe that some members of Daventry Cycling Club may think that they are covered by insurance as a result of joining the club and consequently do not need to take out their own insurance cover, this is not so and in an attempt to clarify the situation we have produced the following statement –

    Daventry Cycling Club is covered for Public Liability Insurance as a benefit of its affiliation to British Cycling. The policy indemnifies the club in respect of its legal liability for loss or damage to third party property or bodily injury or death to third party persons where the club has been negligent.

    However, membership of Daventry Cycling Club does not confer any insurance benefit whatsoever to individual members under any circumstances, including participation in Club Runs, Social Runs (ie not organised by Daventry Cycling Club), individual rides, commuting or taking part in any competitive event or Sportives.

    Members are strongly advised to ensure that they have Public Liability Insurance for themselves, so that in the event of any claim against them, the individual member is covered. Please note that if you have household insurance you may have a level of Public Liability Insurance included in your policy, but please check that if you do have household insurance, cycling is covered and the level of cover is sufficient.

    Other insurances which should be considered are Personal Accident Insurance, Legal Expenses Insurance, Bike and Equipment cover as well as Travel Insurance if travelling abroad. Again, check that cycling is covered and the level of cover is sufficient.

    We are not Financial Advisors or Insurance experts and cannot therefore recommend any insurers –

    there are a lot out there, many of whom can be found by an Internet search.
    It is, however, worth noting that individual membership of either British Cycling

    (Race Gold, Race Silver and Ride Membership), the Cyclists Touring Club or British Triathlon provides the benefit of Public Liability Insurance as well as the benefit of Legal advice and support. Race Gold membership of British Cycling also gives Personal Accident Insurance as does membership of British Triathlon.
    Details of the cover offered varies slightly between these organisations, and it’s therefore important that each person should satisfy themselves that the cover meets their personal requirements before

    As a member of Daventry Cycling Club you are entitled to a discount when joining British Cycling for the first time, albeit you may have to agree to a Direct Debit to qualify. If you wish to take up this offer the club secretary has forms available.
    Booklets are available which cover the club insurance situation in great detail, and which also give details of insurance and legal support for British Cycling members.

    Again the club secretary has these available.

    Please feel free to contact the club secretary if you have any questions on this document.

    Daventry Cycling Club Club Rules – Amended October 2015


    1. The Club
    1.1 The name of the Club shall be Daventry Cycling Club, followed by a sponsor’s name if applicable, as approved by a General Meeting of Club members.
    1.2 The object of the Club shall be the promotion and encouragement of all forms of cycling.
    1.3 Club colours shall be Black and Green (October 2015 amendment)
    2. Management
    2.1 The management of the Club shall be in the hands of the Officers and a Committee elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
    2.2 The AGM shall advise and decide upon policy and future activities of the Club.
    2.3 The AGM shall elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, together with delegates to other bodies as required.
    2.4 The AGM shall elect a Club Committee comprising: Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and other officers as deemed appropriate.
    Members may hold more than one office and the total size of the Committee shall be made up to 8 by the election of ordinary members.
    2.5 No member absent from the AGM shall be elected to any position unless they have previously indicated their willingness to stand.
    2.6 Only paid up members as defined in Rule 3.4 shall be entitled to vote at the AGM.
    2.7 The Committee shall have the power to co-opt other members.
    2.8 The club financial year shall begin on October 1st and end on September 30th. The club membership year will remain as 1st January to
    31st December – see Rule 3.4. (October 2015 amendment)
    2.9 The use of funds provided to the Club by any sponsor will be agreed by the Club Committee plus representatives of the sponsor.
    2.10 If a member acts in a manner detrimental to the interests of the Club the Committee shall have the power to expel or otherwise deal with the offender.
    2.11 In the event of the Club Committee being unable to function, control of the Club shall be in the hands of the Chairman who will take
    appropriate action to return the Club to normal operation within the rules. If the Chairman is unavailable the Secretary or another
    remaining Officer shall perform this duty.
    3. Membership
    3.1 Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons of 12 years of age and over.
    3.2 All applications for membership shall be approved by the Committee.
    3.3 The Annual Subscription Fees shall be decided by the AGM.
    3.4 Annual Subscription Fees are due on 1st January. Members paid up for the previous year remain members until March 31st. Anyone not
    paid up by March 31st shall be deemed to have left the Club.
    3.5 A new member joining after September 30th shall be credited with the next year’s membership.
    3.6 2nd Claim members may be accepted at the discretion of the Committee. Existing members must first resign before applying for 2nd
    Claim membership. 2nd Claim members will be entitled to the same benefits and shall pay the same fees as first claim members. Second
    claim members shall have the same voting rights as other members, save where the item being voted on affects both the clubs of which
    the person is a member, in which event the member shall declare a conflict of interests and abstain from voting. (October 2015 amendment)
    4. Meetings
    4.1 Notices convening a General Meeting shall be circulated to all members at least 14 days before the meeting.
    4.2 A quorum for a General Meeting shall be the lesser of 3 members or 10% of the membership.
    4.3 A quorum for a Committee meeting shall be 5 members.
    5. Events
    5.1 Club events and championships shall be organised by the Committee, or as advised by the AGM, and shall conform to regulations
    required by the controlling bodies of the sport.
    5.2 Club members must wear registered Club colours whilst competing in an open cycling event as a member of Daventry Cycling Club,
    unless directed otherwise by an event organiser.
    5.3 No Club member shall ride in a Daventry CC racing garment in any open cycling event where they have not entered as a member of Daventry CC.
    5.4 Riders are not eligible to compete in racing events as representatives of Daventry Cycling Club unless their subscriptions are up to date.
    5.5 The Club Ride Protocol as attached to these rules shall form the basis of club rides throughout the year (October 2015 amendment)
    6. Changes to Rules, Mergers & Dissolution
    6.1 Proposals for addition or alteration to Rules, or other motions, should be in the hands of the General Secretary at least 21 days before the AGM.
    6.2 These rules shall only be altered or added to at an AGM . The Committee shall settle any matter not provided for in the rules and have
    the power to add or modify rules, subject to ratification at the AGM.
    6.3 A motion to dissolve the club, or to merge with another club, if not initiated by the Committee must be advised in writing to the General
    Secretary and supported by six ordinary members. The General Secretary will convene a General Meeting within 28 days and notices
    convening the meeting shall be sent to all members at least 14 days before the meeting. The notice should carry details of the motion(s).
    In order to be carried a motion to merge with another club, must be agreed by at least 50% of the Club membership. A motion to dissolve
    the club must be agreed by at least two thirds of the Club
    membership. Postal voting in each of these circumstances will be permitted, if agreed by the Committee prior to notification of the meeting.

    October 2015

    Daventry Cycling Club Club Ride Protocol:

    Safety is the prime consideration of all riders on all rides.

    All club rides are social rides; riders are not to disrupt these rides with their own training requirements.

    Any changes to the ride routes will be published on Facebook / by e-mail / announced on the morning of the ride, as appropriate.

    Riders have a responsibility to ensure that they are at a suitable level of fitness, in both speed and distance, before joining any club rides. New riders to the club are advised to contact the Club Run Co-ordinator before joining a ride to ensure that they will be comfortable taking part.

    Riders are expected to show good ride discipline by maintaining a steady pace and keeping in a tight group containing all riders.

    All riders are expected to take responsibility for ride discipline. Ride leaders will advise new riders.

    Traffic law allows only 2 riders side-by-side. There should be no riding 3 or more abreast. Riders will show consideration to vehicles on the road, by going to single file to allow a traffic build up to clear.

    When riders wish to change on the front of the ride, the rider on the outside moves across to the inside and the outside line moves up one place. This ensures that the ride rotates smoothly up and down the lines.

    On a hill the group should slow down to keep the ride together. However, if the hill is long or steep, the ride will re-group at a safe place at the top.

    No rider is to be left behind on a club ride unless they have specifically requested to be left. During the Spring and Summer there will be two groups, Fast and Steady, using the same course. Riders in the Fast group who aren’t able to keep up with the pace should accept being dropped off and wait for the Steady group to catch up. No-one should ever be left behind by the Steady group.

    Riders intending to leave the ride early must advise the ride leader at the start or as soon as they make the decision should this be mid ride.
    Be prepared to push a struggling rider to keep the ride group together. In return, accept a push when necessary.

    During the winter riding period (from when the clocks go back to when they go forward), or whenever it is likely that there will be persistent road spray, riders are strongly encouraged to fit full mudguards and flaps. This is for the benefit of your fellow riders and the group as a whole. At other times of the year, as the weather conditions dictate, riders should use common sense. Riders who do
    not use mudguards that prevent road spray may be asked to ride at the back of the group at anytime of the year.

    Riders must comply with the Road Traffic Act, it is good practice to use suitable and sufficient lights in falling rain and poor light conditions.
    Riders should exercise extreme caution when deciding to wave traffic past the ride while out with the club, as others in the group might not be aware of their actions and it may provide mitigating circumstances in the event of an accident.
    Riders must exercise due caution when riding in built up areas.

    Riders must slow down when in the vicinity of horses, and call out a warning when approaching horse riders.

    Riders are expected to use a roadworthy bicycle, and carry spare tubes, pump and tools.

    A suitable helmet must be worn on Club Rides.

    Riders are expected to show due consideration to each other whilst on club rides and should not behave in any way which might bring the club or its membership into disrepute.

    Riders are strongly advised to have Public Liability insurance cover; this available by joining BC, CTC, British Triathlon or via insurance companies. Membership of Daventry Cycling Club does not confer any insurance benefit whatsoever to individual members under any circumstances, including participation in Club Runs, Social Runs (ie not organised by Daventry Cycling Club), individual rides,
    commuting or taking part in any competitive event or Sportives.

    Minors (under 16) must either a) be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or b) parents of said minor must have made prior arrangements for a responsible accompanying adult rider to act in loco parentis. In the latter case a Parental Consent Form is required.

    Members can, of course, arrange their own group rides, but it is expected that members will have due consideration for the organised club rides and not to unduly disrupt or detract from them