Competitions & Events

Road Racing

Road racing is very popular and competitive. Depending on the type of race, competitors will all start in one group or in a series of groups. They usually take place on a circuit on the public roads but races on closed circuits such as Mallory Park and the Milton Keynes Bowl are becoming increasingly common. Distances can vary from 30 miles to over 100 miles. There are three main bodies governing road racing in the UK, British Cycling, the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists and The League International

Time Trialling

Time Trialling is another very popular branch of the sport. It was in 1868 that the discipline became an organised sport and featured for the first time in the Athens Olympics of 1896. Riders usually start individually (though there are team time trial events) at intervals of one minute. They ride over a course which is usually a set distance of 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles. The competitor is not allowed to take pace from anyone else and the rider who completes the course in the shortest time wins. There are also events over 12 and 24 hours and hilly circuits of non standard distances. With events being held throughout the country every weekend and midweek events during the summer there is almost never a week when you can’t find an event fairly local to Daventry.

Bicycles used are usually Time Trial Specific machines with many aerodynamic improvements over a standard road bike, though any standard bike can be used.


Triathlons are multi-sport endurance events – swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession. Distances vary from a 750 m swim. 20km bike ride and 5km run. Transition areas are positioned between the swim and bike sections. With three disciplines it follows that specific training is required for maximum strength, endurance and power.

See profile of D.C.C. Triathlete Mike Smallwood in the Profiles section.


Sportives are cycling marathons, they are not formal races. For many it is a personal challenge to complete the distance, for others the target is to complete the distance in the shortest time, or setting a personal best time for the event. The events can quite often be over 100 miles in distance and usually take in every challenging hill in the area in which the event is run, sometimes more than once in the ride! They are becoming increasingly popular and are regularly selling out weeks before the event (the 2009 Etape du Tour received 8,500 entrants – including 11 from Daventry who completed the event within the time limit). Most events provide emergency and medical support as well as marshals and feeding stations. Some are held on closed roads. Riders can use whatever bike they want, though most choose as light a machine as they can with a more relaxed and comfortable geometry than an all out road racing machine. The events themselves are a very good way for a beginner to progress on to a more competitive environment from the more sedate club rides.

In 2015 the club organised it’s first Cycle Sportive in the Daventry area offering rides of 70, 30 and 12 miles, the latter aimed at families. It was a great success and succeeded in raising a significant amount of money for charity. Over the last three years the event has raised over £10,000 for charity.