Club Rides

Social rides take place every week throughout the year. The club welcomes new members and prospective members to participate in all these rides. They are held every weekend and are a great way to cycle with other enthusiasts. It’s amazing how much further you can ride when you are surrounded by friends! We offer rides to suit everyone, so whether you are looking for a gruelling 100 mile ride or a steady 30 mile ride at your own pace we can cater for you.

At the moment our main club run is on Sunday mornings starting from Daventry Town Football Club, Browns Road, Daventry, NN11 4NS at 9.30am and everyone is welcome. The pace is quite steady during the Autumn and Winter months and we make sure that no-one gets left behind! In the Spring and Summer we run two groups, one of which will ride at a faster pace, but the “steady” group continues at the same sort of pace that we do in the colder months. Once again, this group ensures that no-one is left behind. The Sunday club runs tends to be around the 50/60 mile mark so we’re usually back around lunchtime, but from time to time we also organise some shorter runs for people who are new to the sport. In Summer we do sometimes go on longer runs in which case we’ll give plenty of advance notice. We try to post details of the coming weekend’s run on our Facebook page no later than the Friday evening before the run, so check that to see where we’re going. We sometimes organise runs at other times of the week, so again, check the Facebook page for details.

During 2015 we introduced a Club Rub “Protocol” which can be found at the end of the 2016 Membership Application Form, you won’t find anything earth shattering in it but it’s an attempt to bring some organisation to the weekly run.

All riders share responsibility for safety and ride at their own risk.

What You Need With You

  • Riders are required to wear a Cycling helmet on Club Runs
  • They are recommended to carry spare inner tubes, tyre levers, pump and a basic set of tools or a multi tool.
  • During the winter months fit your cycle with a set of efficient lights – reasonably cheap and well worthwhile.
  • Again during the winter fit a set of mudguards both for your comfort and that of your fellow riders – sets are available for bikes which don’t have fixings on the frame.
  • Each individual should bring their own drink – something with a carbohydrate and/or electrolyte additive for those hot days is recommended. Food by way of energy bars, gels, bananas etc will help to keep energy levels up.
  • Your mobile phone and a small amount of cash complete the basics.
  • Road safety is always the top priority so obey the rules of the road.
  • For more information contact one of the club officials on the Contacts page.