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    Daventry Cycling Club – New Club Kit

    Following the meeting earlier this week I’m now pleased to confirm that we have agreed on the suppliers of our new club kit as detailed below;


    We will be keeping the colours you will already have seen, Black shirt with a Green stripe on the front and back together with a Green “Norse Knot” design on the right sleeve. However, in the interests of having a highly visible kit we have also agreed that we will have an alternative strip which will effectively be the reverse, ie Green shirt with a Black stripe front and back and a Black “Norse Knot” on the right sleeve. Both shirts will be matched with Black shorts which have a green band around the left thigh and a “Norse Knot” around the right thigh.

    The Black shirt with Green stripe will be known as the HOME kit, the Green shirt with the Black stripe will be known as the AWAY kit.

    The HOME shirt and accompanying shorts is the kit registered with British Cycling, anyone racing under the Daventry Cycling Club banner will need to wear this kit.

    Illustrations of both kits are shown below –



    Shorts common to both Home and Away shirts



    We will be using two suppliers – Pro Vision and N0rty Sports.

    • Pro Vision will supply the HOME kit (Black shirt with Green stripe).
    • N0rty Sports will supply both the HOME kit (Black shirt with Green stripe) and AWAY kit (Green shirt with Black stripe).

    The main difference in the kit which the two suppliers are offering is in the cut and fit of the kit. Pro Vision tends to be a more sculptured fit whereas the N0rty kit is cut to a fuller template.

    Marcellus has samples of both Pro Vision and N0rty kits so that anyone can try them for size before placing their order, members are strongly encouraged to do this as suppliers will not accept returns if the wrong size is ordered.
    Both suppliers will offer a full range of clothing including Short Sleeve Jerseys, Bib Shorts, Jackets, Gilet, ¾ and Full Length Bib Shorts in sizes from Small to 5XXL – in addition Pro Vision will offer Short and Long Sleeve Skin Suits in varying sizes.

    N0rty Sports will offer Ladies fittings in both shirts and the common shorts, Pro Vision will only offer mens/unisex kit.

    The Jerseys, Jackets and Gilets will be in HOME and AWAY colours, the Skin Suits will be in HOME colours only.

    Prices are also slightly different as you will see from the order form.


    In order to get the best prices we need to amalgamate all individual orders from members.

    If we order 10 or more of the same item (this can be different sizes within the same item) then we get a better price.

    Please note that each line on the order form counts as one item, so to get a better price we need to have at least 10 orders for the same line. If we order less than 10 of any item then the price will be as per the order form, these are the highest prices you will pay, if we get sufficient orders for any particular item then the price per item will come down in which case any overpayment will be refunded.

    The order form shows the full range of products available together with the price per item.

    We intend to place the initial order by the end of the month so we are asking for your orders to be sent to us by the end of Friday 29th January.

    Full payment will need to be made at the time you place your order, as above if we achieve better prices than those shown on the order form the overpayment will be refunded to you.

    Please send your order to Mike Walsh, 49 London Road, Daventry, NN11 4DT or via email to mike_walsh@hotmail.co.uk

    Individual or small numbers of items can be ordered at any time, but these will be supplied at the prices shown on the order form without the possibility of achieving sufficient mass to get the lower price.


    As above, full payment is needed with your order, this can be by cheque or bank transfer. Please make cheques payable to Daventry Cycling Club and send to the address above. Bank Transfer can be made to our Club Bank Account – details below:

    NatWest Bank
    Account Name – Daventry Cycling Club – Club Account
    Account Number – 33704139
    Sort Code – 52 30 21


    Delivery will be to one central point, when they are received you will be advised and collection/delivery can be arranged.

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