• Darren Smith

    It’s been a busy week for members of DCC – from members branching out into racing for the first time to a club ride to a very special cafe there have been plenty of highlights to choose from!

    Congratulations to Darren Smith!

    For completing his first road race with LVRC (Veteran’s League Road Racing). Darren signed on for the race at MK Bowl after first sounding out former club racing officer John Beckett on how to get involved and what to expect.

    When I asked Darren if he followed John’s guidance he admitted, “I was told that you shouldn’t do anything different from your normal routine before a big race.”

    “Sounds like good advice”, I replied, “Did you follow it?”

    “Of course, I did what I always do before a big ride.”

    “Whats that?’

    “I drank a bottle of red wine!”

    Well, it worked for Jacques Anquetil………


    DCC Tackles Ventoux (Not THAT Ventoux ;-)) 

    With a distinct lack of Alpine climbs in the Northamptonshire area (a lucky?!) thirteen DCC riders decided to tackle the next best thing – a trip to the cafe that takes its name from “the giant of Provence”. Cafe Ventoux has developed a reputation as a mecca for local cyclists so it was inevitable that at some point the riders of the DCC Sunday Social would want to indulge their inner Paul Hollywoods and put the cakes of Ventoux to a taste test!


    “So we’re having the 12 cake tasting board?”


    Arriving at Cafe Ventoux

    Arriving at the cafe club members were puzzled not to see the name of DCC Chairman Neal Malone immortalised in chalk alongside the names of some of cycling’s greatest legends that mark up the access road to the cafe, a mistake that the owners are surely planning to rectify soon. Inside our brave taste testers ensured that scientific rigour was maintained by testing every cake the cafe had to offer in equal measure (Editorial Disclaimer: this may be an exaggeration!). Special praise was reserved for the pancakes with maple syrup and bacon which takes home the inaugural (and entirely fictitious) DCC Cafe Stop Snack of the Year Award.


    Enjoying a well deserved coffee and cake

    Appetites fully satiated the ride home may have been a little bit slower than the ride there. Reports that at least one of the group was seen riding it on a 1975 yellow Raleigh Chopper are unconfirmed.